Submitting us your personal data, you will be considered as giving us your permission – if necessary, in some cases – disclosing data as stipulated in the present privacy policy.

According to the European Regulations of May 25th, 2018 protecting personal data, you have the right of access, objection to communication and removal of information concerning you, upon simple request addressed to: The Insurance Company AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. with head office at L-2714 Luxembourg, 4 rue du fort Wallis.

The purpose of the present privacy policy is to display the way your personal data, collected from you during your visit to our Internet site, will be used.



Collecting and using your personal data, previously informing you with your consent, will enable us to deliver services and required information in a more efficient way. Consequently, we can collect information of personal data when you; Use the Professional Access on our Internet site; Give AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. your authorisation to use this personal information; Reply to our requests (SMS, (e-)mail, surveys, enquiries, etc. …); submit a request form, enquiry form; Reply to the online document; Connect to the AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. social media pages such as Facebook or LinkedIn; Take part in AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. events or customer loyalty programs; Deliver information to third parties within the AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. subscription or service execution frame.

For direct marketing, improvements to the quality of our site or contact, we may wish to use your personal data to optimize our services. Respecting confidentiality and data protection we use your data for this purpose only. The use of your personal data for direct marketing will be subject to prior information and if necessary, getting your prior consent. Furthermore, if, at any time, you wish for us to stop using your information as previously indicated, you can contact us freely as it is indicated in the foreword. We will stop using your information for these purposes as soon as possible.

Within the services offered within our Internet site, collected personal data could be (occasionally) transferred to selected third parties, situated outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). For example, this situation could occur if one of our servers would be situated in a country outside of the EEA or if one of our servicing partners would be situated in a country outside the EEA. Such a transfer can only be done by AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. perfectly respecting legal and regulatory stipulation thus concerning, especially the Law of August 2nd, 2002 related to the protection of persons and dealing with personal data. These so called third parties will only use your personal data for only one purpose as we agreed upon with them and communicated to you. These third parties will be requested by AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. to apply any possible protection as to preserve the confidentiality and protection of your personal data.

We respect your personal data and take subsequently measures as to ensure your rights concerning the respect for your private life, protecting your rights if we need to transfer your data beyond the EEA. If you would use our services when you are located outside of the EEA, your data could be transferred outside of the EEA to deliver you the required services. Under dispositions of present privacy policy, we will not disclose any personal identifiable information without your consent, except if we are legally obliged to do so (for example, if we are obliged in a legal procedure or in case of legal requisitions or interdictions). We assure you that no information will be used to these ends if you informed us not to do so, the moment you transferred them or after that.



The information of personal data, which can be collected by AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A., is following non-exhaustive information:

–  Contact information (name, address, electronic address, phone number)

– Information being part of a category (client, partner, prospect, applicant)

– Identification information (such as passport number, tax registration number, social security number, drivers’ licence, date of birth)

– Information about servicing (preference, confided users, list of people who assisted you in subscribing to a service, credit limit in communications…)

– Information about the purpose of your request (information, communication, complaint)

– Navigation data (IP address, logs, etc…)



AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. guarantees the confidentiality of your information, whatever nature, written or verbal, they may be, of which she has knowledge and is forbidden to communicate, sell, exchange, transfer or share with third parties, subject to the stipulations of the present privacy policy. This confidentiality commitment is not applicable on information:

That Law, applicable regulations or a court decision oblige to disclose; necessary to reply to legal (judicial requisitions or interdictions) requirements; share with polling organizations, market research and/or promotion or market study associated companies (except electronic mail); exchanges with affiliated branches of AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A.; third parties as previously mentioned, are in any case submitted to the strictest respect of confidentiality commitments required by AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. and will use your personal data only for the purposes for which they have been disclosed.



AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. assures the transfer of personal data is done in accordance to applicable laws and regulations concerning that matter and specifically respecting the dispositions of the Law of August 2nd, 2002 concerning people protection and dealing with personal data. However, any user confirms to have accepted the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, acknowledging specifically the know how of its nature, more over concerning it non-secured character. It is also up to every user to take necessary precautions in protecting his or her own date and/or software against risks of intrusion or contamination by viruses and to proceed to necessary backups. As well as all user recognises being informed about the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information, files and data of any nature, required to be transferred via Internet and not being secured by the network, is excluded from AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A.’s control.



AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. may store certain personal data for a specific period, not exceeding maximum storage durations as stipulated in applicable laws and regulations thus concerning.



We accord great importance to your personal information and pledge subsequently to guarantee a sufficient protection level. To this end we implemented technology and politics precisely to protect your confidentiality against non-authorised access and abusive use as we update those measures in accordance to technology development if that would be necessary. We remind you that despite our commitments guaranteeing a sufficient protection level of your personal data confidentiality, no security system however can prevent potential security loopholes as there are Internet characteristics and limits.



We use the term “cookies” as to refer to cookies and other similar technologies as covered by the EU Directive concerning privacy and electronic communication.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small information files your navigator installs on your computer or peripheral. Cookies help your navigator to run through a web site but these cookies themselves cannot collect any information stored on your computer or in your files. When a server uses a web navigator to read cookies, the latter can help the web site to deliver a service in a more users-friendly way. To protect your confidentiality your navigator enables the web site to access only those cookies already sent to you.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to better understand your interaction with our data and to help us to improve your experience when visiting your Internet site. Cookies memorize the navigator type you use and the supplementary navigation software you have installed. Cookies also memorize your preferences such as language and location, remaining default settings as you revisit the Internet site. Cookies equally enables you to mark certain pages and help in filling out comment forms. Some cookies we use are session cookies, temporary and disappearing when you close your navigator. Other cookies are persistent, saved on your computer during a longer duration. As they measure sessions, the duration of conserving this information can not exceed six months, as they become anonymous beyond that period. To know more about different types of cookies you can get information in the “help” field of your navigator.


How to reject or delete cookies?

We can use cookies to collect your identifiable personal data in order to automatically fill out some fields in documents, to which you have the right of access and objection. However, if you wish, you can reject or block AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. web site cookies or from any other related third-party web site, by changing your setting in your navigator – please consult the navigator “Help” field. We like to inform you that most navigators automatically accept cookies and if you prefer cookies not to be used, perhaps you need to delete or block cookies yourself. You can also consult to know more about deleting or rejecting cookies and get more information about cookies in general. In the users’ manual of your phone you can get more information about the use, rejecting or deleting of cookies in smartphone navigators. We inform you however if you reject the use of cookies it will still be possible to visit our web sites, mobile and Internet applications although some functionalities may not work correctly. AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. will not charge any cost to safeguard data or information.



AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. may temporarily modify this privacy policy. If we bring any important modification to this privacy policy and to the way we us your personal data, we will highlight them on the first page, and we will bring special attention as to notifying you of any important modification. AFI-ESCA Luxembourg S.A. invites you to check this privacy policy regularly.



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