Almost 100 years, AFI.ESCA is a company active in the field of savings. Joining innovation, growth and sturdiness, keeping the family group dimension intact.

From Maurice Burrus, the founder, to Christian Burrus, the CEO, the passion has always been to preserve its’ strong family identity and corporate culture, fully orientated towards relationship and client service quality with the purpose of securing longevity, sustainability and durability.

Today this family excellence is turned to the heart of Europe by joining the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Renowned as top ranked wealth management and the biggest fund industry in the world, the Luxembourg environment didn’t save on efforts during the last decennia to become the most acclaimed financial centre.

Year after year this country with a AAA rating in political, economic and undeniable tax stability, immersed in multi-culturalism has insufflate real financial dynamics by unprecedented prudential regulations in the life insurance sector.


AFI.ESCA Luxembourg wants to be the melting pot of that sublimity at the client’s service. A corporate culture with a long-term wealth vision represents the biggest key: corporate independence focusing on the fields in which they can prove that renowned excellency on international scale.

Independence alone is no guarantee for required quality. It is with extensive knowledge about solutions, regulations and long-term experience, the proximity of client’s needs, we can be able to create a sustainable quality service exclusively oriented towards the client’s benefit.

AFI.ESCA Luxembourg, strong in family dynamics, gifted by solid team spirit, is founded on the work of a multidisciplinary and qualified team. Put together 100 years of experience in the field of wealth life insurances in Luxembourg secures its independence to be surrounded by alerted and well-informed experts creating the best possible and adapted solutions within the longevity seeded in the house spirit.

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AFI.ESCA Luxembourg can of course guide clients in their quest optimizing their wealth, assuring the sustainability of it, guiding them during their preparations in estate planning, considering family situation, professional environment...


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