For reasons linked to the very tormented history of Alsace, Strasbourg was an important financial centre regrouping many head offices of multiple banks and insurance companies funded with Alsatian and Moselle capital.

Therefore, under impulse of Maurice Burrus, Industrial and Alsatian local elected, the company “Est Capitalisation” (ESCA) was founded in 1923 in favour of general savings in Alsace.

Maurice Burrus was member of the oldest families in Alsace living in Dambach-la-ville since the XVth century.

Deeply Alsatian of strain and always connected to entrepreneurship, but on a more international scale, the family is today present in two fields of expertise.

Succeeding his father Paul, the heir to the chocolate division Jean-Paul Burrus, developed successfully during 30 years the brands Marquise de Sévigné, Schaal, Yves Thuriès,… It is Christian Burrus who developed in 25 years the division “finance and insurances”. Opposite to other companies taken over by large financial groups in Alsace, ESCA remained within the family. Quoting Christian Burrus: “the force of a family shareholding is to be written in time; we are here to stay, the workforce and corporate vision are stable; its responsible shareholding”.

ESCA first developed in the field of capitalization extended to life insurances, especially when in 2004 the Lille company AFI Europe was bought from Dresdner Bank, the acquisition of DIOT, FAPE OBSEQUES broker independent undertakers in 2008 and LSN broker to notaries in 2010.



A financial group with family shareholders… A security for stability and independence opposite to other financial groups. Since 1923 the Burrus group was formed by organic growth and corporate acquisition…


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AFI.ESCA was born out of joining two companies active in Life insurances, Savings and Contingency, the eldest active for almost 100 years in capitalization. Joining innovation, growth and solidity...


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Freedom to act within the Group and fully independent compared to banks such as financial managers. One requirement: conformity of the products and service quality, respecting the legal and tax frame...


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