AFI.ESCA Luxembourg can of course guide clients in their quest optimizing their wealth, assuring the sustainability of it, guiding them during their preparations in estate planning, considering family situation, professional environment, personal wishes and goals as well as geographical and legal possible restrictions.

Specifically, for Wealth Management, conventions with the best possible specialists are in place, as well as we are open to new collaborations with Bankers and Financial Asset Managers, familiar in working with their clients. One of the advantages being part of a family group, without any link to any other large financial group, is the liberty to select its’ partners in accordance to their competences beyond any other consideration.

Even more, our range of eligible assets (in accordance with the Circular Letters 15/3 and 19/2 of the CaA) can be expanded by private equities allocated in dedicated funds, making us one of the few Luxembourgish companies genuinely accepting those assets upon explicit clients’ request as long as they are conscious about the representative advantages and risks involved for those assets.

As for Wealth Transmission the life insurance policy is exceptionally equipped to service mobile and wealthy clients.

The Luxembourg neutral tax environment enables to only consider subscriber and beneficiary country of residence legislation.

Therefor it is easier to build a wealth transmission strategy based on knowledge of legal and tax environments of different countries.

It is fundamental to determine the best adapted legal canvas prior to concluding a life insurance policy as well as it is important to regularly update the tax and legal frame if change would occur in one of the considered elements at the time the solution was selected.

We intercede assisting clients’ tax and legal advisors as to determine appropriate solutions and we can rely on specialised offices in the relevant countries.



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For a company like AFI ESCA Luxembourg with strong family roots the client is truly at the heart of its concern. Aware that a satisfied client is our best possible publicity, our corporate and Group Burrus....


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