For a company like AFI ESCA Luxembourg with strong family roots the client is truly at the heart of its concern.

Aware that a satisfied client is our best possible publicity, our corporate and Group Burrus durability and reputation are assured by satisfying high standard international clients.

Our family entrepreneurship spirit enables us to better understand the goals of our clients, mostly businessmen themselves or having strong links with the economical world.

This approach is translated into all stages of corporate development, be it in our “tailor-made” solutions offering, as in client relationships throughout every step in the life cycle of an insurance policy.


Therefor we have decided to team up with true professionals, brokers, family - legal or tax offices, financial managers, custodians.

They have been selected based on professionalism and reputation as they are the first access to our company. They must apprehend and be in line with our values. Our operational procedures are thus developed expecting justified levels of quality service delivered to them and expected from us.



Once every part of investment strategy is defined and put into place, the next step is to analyse the policy set up enabling wealth management and succession efficiency.

Each client is unique, special and in a different family situation; reconstituted family, one or more income within one household, marriage regime, children studying, mental disabled children, economical origin of the funds transferred into the contract, links with designated beneficiaries,…

In certain complex cases, hand given solutions prior to policy conclusion, fragmentated beneficiary stipulations, we can rely on specialized offices if the clients do not have their own advisors.



Our main solutions QUALITY LIFE and CAP QUALITY are developed with a European vision also for expats.

As our clients become more and more mobile, we must ensure our contract portability. If a contract is concluded in a European country, in case of moving to another member state, it must be adaptable and continue benefitting from the best possible life insurance policy advantages in the other state.

Linking dedicated or collective internal funds destined to certain groups of clients, enables a fully tailor-made individual solution in accordance with clients’ wishes and goals in relation to financial and wealth management.

For that, the Company recognised intermediaries will establish a very precise risk profile obtained by joining your return and performance wishes, risk exposure acceptance and investment horizon outlook.

Once this profile is determined and considering some restrictions or requirements such as ethical funds, exclude some currencies or sectors, etc., we will study together with you the best possible investment strategy to be retained.

Our dedicated solution


To satisfy the wishes of international high-end clients, in asset management and succession planning, the Quality Life solutions is fine tuned to the markets where this solution is offered. Flexibility managing the assets....


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Almost 100 years, AFI.ESCA is a company active in the field of savings. Joining innovation, growth and sturdiness, keeping the family group dimension intact. From Maurice Burrus, the founder, to Christian Burrus...


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