To satisfy the wishes of international high-end clients, in asset management and succession planning, the Quality Life solutions is fine tuned to the markets where this solution is offered.


  • External funds: multi-support, open architecture, wide range of renowned funds.
  • Collective internal funds: AFI-ESCA Luxembourg funds offering a specific investment strategy and a financial approach in accordance with the wishes of different clients of the company.
  • Internal dedicated funds: are individual funds created for one subscriber following an investment strategy in line with the investors’ profile, wishes and goals.


  • Three-party agreement: the assets representing the Insurance Company undertakings must be deposited with a credit institution agreed upon by the Commissariat aux Assurances. A trilateral agreement (Commissariat aux Assurances, Custodian and Insurer) governs the applicable rules followed by the different parties.
  • Quarterly audit: of the correlation and accordance between technical provisions and representative assets as well as the companies’ solvency.
  • Segregated assets: representative assets are segregated and can be blocked by the Commissariat aux Assurances in case of subscribers’ risk.
  • The Super Privilege: the modified Law of December 6th, 1991 grant the subscriber the status of first ranked privileged creditor on the full representative assets of the technical provisions without any reimbursement limitation.


  • The legal and tax frame of the country of residence of the subscriber is applicable.


  • QUALITY Life is available in different versions adapted in accordance with regulatory requirements of countries where it is commercialized in order to let subscribers and beneficiaries benefit from all the life insurance advantages in their country of residence.

Expat subscribers can choose from their original country right (France or Belgium) or the Luxembourg policy right


  • Premium, capital gain or death covers are not taxed in Luxembourg.
  • Country residence taxation: if you change locations, your contract will be submitted to taxation of the new country of residence.
  • Underlying assets are not taxed where reduced levels of withholding tax, as stipulated in tax conventions with Luxembourg, can be applicable.



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